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    Hi, i bought the lost box set a while ago and have just got around to watching it. In the season two box there is a bonus disc with three sections. When i go to view the disc i can select 1,2 or 3 but after that i can't seem to select anything. I know this sounds daft but is there something i should be doing? Was there a faulty batch of discs produced? I have googled and found that a few people have had the same problem but i cant find out if it's a fault or if the makes have done something crafty and i have to do something...yeah i know it sounds daft but can you help?


    Didn't ya get the secret Lost code?

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    Didn't ya get the secret Lost code?

    what secret code? There wasnt anything in the box when i opened it

    There should have been, it's to do with Locke!

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    is it a universal code? has anyone got it?

    No it's unique to you. It's on the disc and shows up with change in temperature.
    Spin the disc on ya finger and blow on it.

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    your having me on!

    its true!

    Ok, up to you :thinking:

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    nothing shows up

    lol i want one just to see.

    You sure,
    hold it under your arm to heat it up then spin and blow to cool it quickly.

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    yup im sure...i give up

    It might need colder air, do it in the garden.

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    Thats strange, just tried it on the pc and it lets me select no problem. Weird

    Tis strange, ya pc might be able to see the code :whistling:
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