Lost Figures

I was wondering, does anyone know where I can get my hands on these McFarlane Lost figures?
I've seen some at my local Forbidden Planet...but surely there's a website where I can get them cheap, right?

Really want - Charlie, Locke, Sawyer and Hurley. Possibly Jin, too.

If anyone can help, it'd be greatly appreciated
Oh, and are they actually making a 3rd set of figs? I want Sayid and Juliet!


play,com used to do them

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Yeah, I've checked on Amazon...but each figure seems to be sold by a separate seller, which I'm not keen on. Thanks anyway :]


play,com used to do them

Yeah, I checked. Shame they don't do them any more, as I could imagine that'd be my best bet.

You could try ebay, a friend of mine bought a few a while back from there.

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Not having much luck with eBay at the mo...if anyone else can help, please don't hesitate to :]


Try The Forbidden Planet website, sometimes it's cheaper

yes there is a third series of figures which were meant to be coming out in October last year, but they have been delayed until sometime this year, but now due to sales not being to good they have been cancelled. you can read more here.
i have not used this site but it does look quite good
also some lost kubricks will be released later this year

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Due to low sales? God, I would've loved a Desmond figure as well, just making him yell out; 'brother!' all the time :]
And how can you NOT have a Ben figure? Oy vey.

Thanks for the heads up danielcraig007, just need to find a suitable seller still.

Oh, and Farsightboy...some of the figs seem to have sold out

No problem.
If your still after some at the weekend let me know as I know a few places I can look when I go out and check how much they are

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That'd be awesome if you could find any prices, thanks :]


That'd be awesome if you could find any prices, thanks :]

Hello. I have just had a look on Amazon and if you buy all the figures from the same person, all 5 you wanted the total comes to £34.23 which doesn't seem too bad.

Hello. I had a look at the weekend but I couldn't find any cheap Lost figures. I do have the Jin one myself though.

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Cheers anyway :]
Found myself Locke in FP actually, for half price. The rest just need to come down in price.
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