Lost Game and Boots Gift Cards... :(

Found 8th Sep 2009
About 9 months ago I lost a Boots Gift card and a Game gift card with about £90 on each.

I lost them in my house and I know they have not been used as a boots advantage card was also with them that was not used at all.

Anything I can do to get my money back?????

As these cards are not registered at a address, I assume it is all lost..... Boo hoo...??

I may have the card numbers on a old receipt??.

Any help really appreciated... x
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do you have the recipts for them?

do you have the recipts for them?


The game one was when I traded in loads of stuff.

The boots one was a return of a new sealed razor that was a birthday present.
if you have the card numbers it may be possible-at asda we have had a few customers with this problem-the original card gets cancelled and a new one issued but ONLY if they have the reciept-if not Id reckon its impossible.
Just a thought but if you can find the card numbers, can you use them online to buy stuff? Better than nothing!
i thought they had to be registered - because anyone could find the lost card and try to claim it. Ring them up it doesnt hurt to ask - and whats the worst they can say..... no.... but if they say yes then its a result
Tidy your house?
If they are unregistered - then nope, you will not receive anything unless you find them again, as there are some unscrupulous people in this world who would abuse the system and report things getting lost when infact they never had them in the first place. Fair enough, if you lost £10 somewhere in your house, you wouldn't expect the bank to replace it - but it's a very nice thought.
I hope that you find the gift cards and that they don't have a 12 month 'use by' limit on them, so you'd best get searching - move the furniture and everything, it'll be the last place you look (obviously, as when you find it you stop looking :-D ).
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