Found 21st Aug 2012
I lost my Iphone over the weekend, I have Find my Iphone app active but it is offline. If I remote wipe via Icloud will it also remove my passcode lock?
Thanks in advance for advice


You can put the message on the screen and i think that also locks it?

oh dear wouldnt worrie about it now most likely been flashed and sold already still fetching 400 on ebay oO 250 to any stranger.

if you have the original box, report the imei number to the police who will block the phone via the online database.... it will need to be sold for use abroad only if whoever has it wants to sell it...also keep an eye on ebay for a blocked iphone 4s and report every single one who knows, one of them might be yours

and if a person gets caught either selling, or using a nicked phone.... they are fecked !

Being a 4s it will already have been swapped in the Apple store as it would still have warranty.

If someone has it, pass code or not they can restore it and have a new phone. Just set it to wipe and move on, you'll never see it again unfortunately

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Thanks for advice guys, still not been turned on since I lost it. Will leave it few days before blacklisting it.
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