lost Iphone

    Just got home from a mad night out and managed to leave the old phone in a taxi. believe it or not the girl who found it ended up going home and getting another taxi to drop it off for me!
    The human race is actual A.ok
    bang goes the old bottle of vino ive been saving but that is just cause, colateral damage maybe just wondering if anyone has a decent story like this!!

    laura if youre out there enjoy the vino and THANK YOU!! XX


    Well done to that lady!

    Always nice to hear of people doing the right thing.

    I found a pristine iPhone 4 in the snows at the end of last year. Tracked down the owner and reunited them. Young lad was very happy. It's worth paying into the Karma bank for the time you need it!

    Now that I think of it, the access a smartphone might give to someone, it's up there with loosing a wallet/purse in terms of pure hassle (let alone the money involved)

    what a lovely story! Sadly my son lost his last Iphone weekend and its still AWOL

    i found a phone this morning and have contacted the owners GF so arrange to get it back to him. nowhere near as nice as an iphone though!

    Very kind of you! I've only found a wallet with like £60 in and left it in there and called their bank, the man on the phone said "Oh, I guess theres no money?" and i was like no theres £60? and he sounded quite shocked lol. (Never got as much as a thank you off the person though)

    Good to see we have some kind HUKDealers here


    Never got as much as a thank you off the person though

    That's not so nice...

    When the my fella collected his phone from me he offered a reward in a way which made it impossible to accept. Just after I handed it over, he said "Do you want any money?" What could I say to that. If I'd said yes, you know the next question would be "how much?"

    I told him to have it as an early xmas present.

    You're welcome OP.

    I got a story.. it has nothing to do with me though, i thought it was such a nice thing to do whoever did it!

    Someone went on holiday and found someone else's digital camera that had been left behind, they decided to create a group on facebook showing some of the pics from the camera. They invited all their friends to join the group (and for them to invite their friends to join and so forth) in hope that the owner of the photo's could be reunited... from what i've heard the owner their photo's back!
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