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Lost My Argos Receipt

Posted 6th Nov 2013
Hi, I recently bought a couple of wrist watches from Argos but somehow I have lost my receipts. I actually need to replace one of the watches as it's not working ok. How can I get a duplicate receipt from Argos or what's the work around this?
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if you paid debit card you maybe able to get a ref num from your bank for the transaction if u remember the date maybe
did you pay cash or card either way they can find your transaction just easier if card payment.
Phone the store you bought items from and explain they you lost receipt if card payment they can find it easy but if payed cash try and remember what day you purchased items what time how much paid and what till, the till bit is important for cash purchase as they can go through the transactions and hopefully find yours. we had a similar thing happen don't take no for an answer as they can do it
If you paid by card then the bank statement which shows the transaction is normally acceptable.
Argos have to replace the watch. The watch's box will most likely have a serial or a unique number to that watch written on it.

Argos will have that same number in the database along with everything else. You don't actually need the receipt to replace something - just proof you bought it.
yea original box does it with the code on it
I thought 'lost my Argos receipt' was a euphemism.
If you have proof that you paid via card (bank statement) then that will be enough to sort it out.

I used to work at WHSmith and we accepted that as proof
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