Lost my dear what should i do ?

    I had 2 candycane deers in my collection... And this morning i was given another opportunity to hunt.. Out of surprise i caught another candycane deer...

    But when i was navigated to collection page there was no deer there.. I think i lost it because of using phone browser, what should i do now ?




    That has happend to me aswell caught a deer checked straightaway and no deer there.


    Just caught another deer and ive noticed that I now have four silent night ones I think I know now they have a number in the bottom right hand side I have a two on both my deers.

    not much you can do i have lost at least 5 on the app

    ive got 6 beard deers..

    Nothing. Just got to suck it up.

    Original Poster


    ive got 6 beard deers..

    6 ? How ?

    no I deer

    calm down dear

    its only a commercial

    if it wasn't the top tier then it's useless

    I've lost most of mine on the app too. It doesn't bother me however they should at least have the app talking to the website
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    Bloody rip offs !

    I'm surprised they even bother to run these totally free-to-play competitions any more with the amount of people complaining.

    I've lost 5 gold ones but "C'est la vie" !!!!!

    you probably just got a multiple of the same one.

    Same here I had three yesterday plus 1 today and it's only showing three
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