Lost My Visa Electron Card! Where Did I Buy It From !!!!

    So I've managed to lose my Visa Electron card that I bought a while ago pre-loaded ready to use with Ryan Air... I've also managed to completely forget where I bought it from as I was going to ring them to see if I can just get a new card. Or is it a case of if it's lost then I'm out of pocket?

    I need your help to find out where I got it from... It was from a link that someone provided on HUKD, but that's about all I can remember, although I vaguelly think that it had the name of a bank in there somewhere (but I could be wong).

    Can those of you who know online places to order these cards please post here and hopefully I'll get the right one. I will definitely know it when I see it.

    Here's hoping


    Check your bank statements? I'd imagine if it was a link on here then you probably bought it online?

    Also have a scroll through this thread from MSE maybe you'll see it there?


    post office most probably or the sun

    Post Office one? That's where I bought mine

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    WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! :thumbsup: Barclays Gift Card, that's the one.
    Thanks all, rep being left shortly.

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    here's a thread you posted in OP … here's a thread you posted in OP

    Not in that one unfortunately, I had bought it a while ago.

    i hope youve got it sorted, youll have to let us know if you get it back ;-)

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    I've been calling them all bloody day...

    Here's how it's been.....

    it takes 20 minutes on hold before you even get to talk to anyone... and then they have no record of me, so tranfer me to someone else... on hold for another 10 minutes...explain the situation record of me....passed onto somone else.... explain the situation again....etc etc.

    I'm going to give it one more try tomorrow and then give it up as a lost cause.

    oh no i really hope you get it sorted...good luck
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