Posted 2nd Dec 2022 (Posted 19 h, 31 m ago)
I brought a coat on Vinted for £400, went to snowdome for the weekend and it was left outside on Saturday. When I returned money no parcel could be found. I purposely downloaded the yodel apps to make sure I hadn’t specified a safe place as I didn’t want this item being left. I reported this to Vinted and they investigated with yodel, yodel said the driver left it on the drive by the front door. Vinted have now completed the sale and released the funds to the seller, Vinted are saying once the funds have been released to the seller there’s nothing they can do. Does anybody have any advice please?!
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    Somebody is responsible for the lost parcel, and I don't think it's you. I'd give Citizens Advice a call and see what they say.
    On Vinted the buyer chooses the courier/service and pays for it. The sender only has to post the item, they aren't liable for lost parcels.
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    The item was not "delivered correctly" as it says. You have grounds to back up your complaint. Delivering correctly is to a specific safe place, with a neighbour possibly or in your own hands . How these useless delivery companies think proper delivery is leaving it on your drive is beyond me. Useless, lazy idiots!
    If you choose the cheapest basic service they will leave parcels, it's down to the buyer to choose the correct service for the product.
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    Vinted and Yodel haven't taken responsibility, you even have it in writing.

    Time for a chargeback.
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    So many things wrong here that it's hard to even start...

    I guess a first question is, what did you pay with?
    Bank card
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    So Vinted and Yodel are satisfied that a parcel with a value of £400 was just left outside?
    Yes, Vinted are not willing to help at all, even
    though they were the selling platform I bought it off.. here’s their responses

    48911512-jMz4j.jpg (edited)
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    See the issue with Yodel not Vinted or the seller.
    The seller has clearly posted it if Yodel admits the parcel was physically delivered to the property - no fault (likely means some passer by is away with it).
    Vinted is basically a middle man/messenger, a platform to sell things over, not as intricate as ebay but more than the likes of gumtree - they don't control the postal companies. - no fault.
    Which leaves Yodel.
    I wouldn't personally do a chargeback because the seller loses out on their item and the money when they haven't done anything wrong in this instance.
    It could be argued that if it was a large sum of money you should have sat at the window or made avaliable all day watching for the delivery guy to make sure that there was no 'ring, leave on the ground, run' which delivery companies tend to do now which is probably off the back of people complaining about undelivered parcels going back to a depot / having to collect it from a depot or re-arrange delivery when they "don't mind them being left at the front door or in a bin".
    It's unfortunate but unless you sort it with Yodel I don't see you getting your money back or the item.
    Any other means of getting the money back out width of Yodel would be unfair to the other 2 parties who should take no blame. (edited)
    No. The OP paid vinted, therefore their contract is with them, not Yodel.

    You don't argue with the courier company if your amazon package fails to arrive do you..
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    Why I pay extra and use DPD
    Dpd not an option on vinted
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    Was it posted with any insurance cover?
    Seems to be built into the vinted price. A charge back seems to be the best way forward doesn't it, bar advising vinted the charge back is being initiated (as it may prompt them to reconsider).
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    Talking devil's advocate here, I'm not sure a chargeback would work. You could try on the grounds goods not received, but there is proof the goods were delivered, somebody just nicked them off your drive. There's no harm in trying, but I wouldn't hang my hat on that being successful. You might be better going down the insurance route, or it that fails, small claims court. Hope you get your money back.
    But the goods weren't received. They were dumped on a doorstep. That is not the customer "receiving" the item.

    I would advise vinted of charge back and see what they say.
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    Why did you buy something for £400 online then go away, very odd.
    I buy things and go away at the same time. The courier either leaves a card or gives to a neighbour. I've never known an expensive item to be left on the doorstep.
    Besides, there is no proof that the correct item was even in the box.
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    I think the op is more concerned about their coat right now
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    I would report with police. I had a M&S parcel left at doorstep by (think it was DPD not 100%) but scummy neighbour took it. They raided their house a few months later for something else, and they still had my item inside the bleeding box, police took it all for evidence and got it back 6 months later minus a few items that the neighbours brothers kept.
    The punchline... I had a letter from the court to say the guy was given 1 day prison for stealing my items added onto his other charges, One fudging day. Karma caught up to him a few years later, died of drug overdose. (edited)
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