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    Could anyone advise or share their experience... Sold something on here and it was not received, I was sensible and got a proof of posting so I believe from what I read i'm entitled to claim for compensation. Any advice...

    Just to fill you in it was a PS3 game.
    It was packaged well in bubble bag and clearly labelled


    contact royal mail after 14 working days to make a claim

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    contact royal mail after 14 working days to make a claim

    Thank you


    Good Luck with recieving your money back? was it tracked? Signed for, do you have proof of the value of the item? I sold a coat on ebay, they wanted the price of the item, and proof of me purchasing the item, which i didn't have, luckily the person recieved it after 16 days

    That is the game was sent to me, it was sent 2nd class, I still not received the game until now.

    I bought two other games on here last THursday and received them all today. But not the game from the OP

    Was advised by OP and happy to sign in the lost claim form after contact my local sorting office tomorrow to see if there is any pending mail


    just to aid your process, items dont get lost in the post they get stolen by postal workers (not necessarily the Postman)

    I have filled in 2 forms for compensation for items that I posted and they never arrived at the other end. Both were ebay items and I got a cheque quite quick and no hassle. I did not have the original item receipts but sent the ebay info, the paypal page amd personal details and it was accepted. It mentions you get stamps in compensation but as I say I got 2 cheques.

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    Heovang has been very helpful and wiling to put in writing not received.

    I will wait til the 14days has passed and then apply for compo. I bought the game on my credit card from tesco so may have an audit trail.


    That's why you get everything signed for.


    That's why you get everything signed for.

    Why ?

    Does not stop items getting "lost"

    Good Luck
    I sent two item, (tickets for alton towers) both sent recorded, to two different addresses, a week apart, and both got 'lost'. Despite claiming for these items (I had proof of posting, tracking number etc) I received nothing for the first claim, and a book of stamps for the second claim.
    Royal Mail apologised and accepted that these letters were lost in the system yet couldn't even refund my postage!! Cheek!
    Tickets are not covered by their insurance - I think regardless of what you post it should be covered!! What you send through the post is your buisness, and they are paid to provide a service regardless of whats in the letter!
    I made a claim thorugh POSTRS, but got nowhere - they are happy that Royal Mail apologised for the loss and think that is adequate. So.....bewarned.....if Royal Mail lose an item through the post that belongs to you, as long as they apologise then that's ok.......doesn't matter how much you lose in the process
    If one item ha gone missing you can sort of accept it, but two....sent recorded......I think someone at my local sorting office has sticky fingers......

    i sold a ds game not long ago 1st class recorded and after 2 weeks it still had not turned up. Buyer was really good and even though i offered refund he said he would wait a bit longer. Then the day before we agreed i would refund him, it was delivered (over 3 weeks late).

    I wasnt going to bother putting a claim in beacuse of the time and effort. Just letting you know that it could be a case of it being delayed and not lost.
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