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Posted 24th Jan 2017
Hi all,

In a difficult situation at the moment with Amazon.

I returned item with dpd last week. They provided labels and provided a receipt upon collection. After the parcel was returned I got emails saying item wasn't collected even though I have receipt.

I contacted Amazon and they said it was in transit so I given them till yesterday for a refund but nothing. I called them yesterday and spoke to a women who said she can't find any tracking information and she would call dpd today. Never got that call even though she advised in the email what she would do.

I called Amazon this evening for them to say pretty much same thing regarding tracking. I explained I can't trust what they say after yesterday's call as he said he was going to call me back tomorrow between 12-1 so we shall see what happens.

Has anyone been in this situation before and have you had an outcome?

Also does anyone know they best time or number to call the Ireland contact centre as the Indian and Philippines seem pretty useless. Thanks
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Have you tried tracking it yourself??

I've had this in the past, both with royal mail and dpd. Amazon in the end took liability of the lost parcels and refund me. In the end it eventually updated the return as "returned". Being honest I never had any issue with Amazon over it though.

With DPD, your collection receipt should have a consignment number, ring up dpd and get them to track it. Contact number 0121 275 0500 they will be able to give you proper tracking and a proof of delivery to your email. As they will have record of the collection with your house address.
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I had this. I had to scan and email them the paperwork receipt that they left me.
(I had to go my bins to find it.)
I've not had this exact issue but had issues with returning and collecting amazon items before. Everytime I've emailed them, not rang and they have sorted it within a day or two. Plus given me a month extra of prime free. Go into detail on how this is unsatisfactory etc. (You've probably already done this but thought I'd just say incase you've only called) good luck with it
You've got the receipt so just snap a photo of it and email it to Amazon.

They do take a while to process refunds I've returned, but as long as you have proof I wouldn't worry too much.
I have sent them that proof over tonight so I shall see what they come back and say.

I will try calling dpd myself to ask about that consignment number.

I've normally had good service with Amazon I spend a lot with them. I just find when you have a big issue like this it's difficult getting someone to understand

Thanks for the advice
Assuming the combination of Amazon having provided the pre-paid DPD label and you having a credible collection receipt: your responsibility for the safe return of the package ceased on its collection as Amazon is DPDs customer in that instance. Show Amazon a credible collection receipt and Amazon will accept you have fulfilled your return obligation. However, If you directly paid for the DPD collection then you are DPDs customer and it is up to you to liaise with DPD to sort out what happened to the package.
Wonder if they monitor this board. Refunds have now been issued
I use collect plus for returns, I find the refund is within a couple of days. I know this don't help your current situation. But for future.
In the past I have had refund a few hours after dpd collect the item
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