Lost Season Finale **SPOILERS**

If your like me and cant wait an extra few days for lost to come on sku youve proberly already watched it, well what can i say proberly the best episode of lost ever?? Please if you havent watched dont read on as it will ruin it for you, and belive me its well worth watching.

So Locke is dead i cannot beive it, and the whole moving the island thing was crazy, what are your thoughts and when is season 5 coming out?


season 5 is ment for october ish..... locke dead i couldnt belive it! i now see why they lied but how and why are they going to the island AGAIN? (ps a watched this at 8am GMT

More like January unfortunately! :x

ye was a good episode was gonna be so pee'd off if they didnt answer who 'jeremy' was at the end but then they showed locke. It was good how it did answer some questions....like when penny said she had a tracking station im guessing that was when it was the two men in the little tent in the arctic saying that they had found him, the time travel stuff is a bit confusing however

I just watched this. Was like O M G. cant wait to see what happens now
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