Lost Tesco day out vouchers help please

Posted 16th Nov 2014
Hi all I went to take the kids out today and have realised that we have lost our day out vouchers. Ive looked everywhere with no luck does anyone know if i can get some replacements from tesco or are they gone for good? Thanks
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I emailed tesco in September for exactly the same issue, likely we found the tickets, but see their response below:

Thank you for your email.

I am to advise that I am unable to resend the tokens to you as the offer has now expired.

For assistance please call us on 0808 100 0707 * or 0330 123 0707 **, Option 2, Monday to Friday: 9am to 8pm and Saturday: 9am to 5pm and one of our Team will be pleased to assist you.

Kind regards

Patricia Swain

Customer Service Executive

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I would phone tesco & ask anyway
Obviously I dont know where tou were going but have a voucher for 2 half price entries to Alton towers and CBeebeies land you are welcome to if that is any use to you.
One of our merlin annual passes expired, I contacted Merlin, they charged me £20 for a replacement, in the meantime Tesco re-issued all my vouchers!
I have original tour bus vouchers 3 adults 2 children if you want them?
Thanks for the offers people really kind but i was going to a local adventure playground knockhatch. Im going to ring tesco tomorrow and see what they can do for me. Not holding out much hope though tbh.
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