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Here are some of the competitions currently running from Play.com. Simply click the banner to access the competition page and enter the answer there, along with your details! Good luck!

Q: Which film did Jennifer Garner play a leading role as a teenage girl who dreams of being a woman?
Ans: 13 going on 30

Q: Where did Julie Aigner-Clark shoot her first baby Einstein video?
Ans: In her Home

Q: What is the name of Keane's lead singer
Ans: Tom

Q: How many heroes can you control in the Rise and Fall game?
Ans: 8

Q: Where is Red Orchestra set?
Ans: The Russian Front

Q: Which other football teams did Robbie Fowler play for when not playing for Liverpool?
Ans: Manchester City F.C and Leeds United (I think)

Q: Who directed the film The Fog?
Ans: Rupert Wainwright

Q: In which stadium did Alan Shearer score his final goal as a Newcastle United player?
Ans: West Ham Upton Park
Newcastle St. James' Park
Sunderland Stadium of Light

Don't know the answer to this one...


The Newcastle one may have been at St James Park. He scored the penalty in the testimonial against Celtic, which was his last game. Im not sure if they want the last game or competitive game, but i stuck down St James Park.

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I googled and it mentioned his last match was against Sunderland I think, so that's why i thought it may have been a choice between st jame's or sunderland stadium... ?

His last competitive goal was at the Stadium of Light when he scored before going off injured and that being the final game of his career. But he also scored that penalty in his testimonial at St James Park so this is a bit of a tough one.
It's your call as to which you choose.

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Q: Which actor played James Bond in 'From Russia With Love'?
A: Sean Connery


Q: What is the name of the actor who is playing the role of Superman/Clark Kent in Superman Returns?
A: Brandon Routh

Thanks for these

I think the Shearer answer would be Stadium of Light seing as it was a Premiership match.

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I just realised I posted all these and didn't even enter them myself! Better get typing...!

Hehe yeah you gotta have a go!
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