Lots of free voices added for Tom Tom Satnav (download online)

    Tom Tom have added lots (50 -ish) new, free voices for Satnavs. Joanna Lumley, Eddie Izzard, Chavettes, ... too many to name.

    Just connect your Tom Tom to your PC.

    It's not earth shattering, but it's free and it's fun.


    Moved to misc, we generally do not allow downloads as freebies

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    But if something is usually £3.95 - £6.95 and now it's free then......:whistling:

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    Oh yes, I see, it fits really well with people discussing the death of Roy Schneider and how they had apalling (sic) service with their radio.

    Can't argue with the logic there.

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    But this download is okay?…-b/

    I give up.

    Off to MSE.

    i agree with the OP, it is definitely a freebie. I have a tomtom and previously had to pay for voices, now I can get these free?

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    I'll keep upping this.

    If you agree that this should be a freebie, please say so.

    defo a freebie!

    Should be a freebie as a lot of people only look on the front page and will miss this.

    As for bumping your own thread. :whistling:

    agree, anything I don't have to go to a torrent site for should be a deal !!

    Deff a freebie as you normally have to pay!!!

    Free Bee! do you find them? I can't see them anywhere!


    yep - freebie (i'm sick of listening to the voices available with the tomtom - 50 odd alternatives for nought - great!!)


    But this download is … But this download is okay? give up.Off to MSE.

    Download?? Its a book, I am not saying this shouldnt be a freebie though as it is!

    thanks OP.
    recently installed the white van man, funny at first but after 45 mins of driving I wanted to chuck the thing out the window. will see whats new to download

    *sob* Why can't I find them? I've connected my TomTom to the PC, I'm going through TomTomHome to the voices section, and there aren't any of the ones being mentioned above, and I can't see them on the website either.

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    Connect Tom Tom to Pc.

    Control everything through computer.

    Operate TT Home and change preferences>add voices.

    Gives you quite a few to buy, but then towards bottom of first screen gives all the free ones (continues onto two more pages).

    Have to be installed one by one - 15 seconds each.

    Can't give a link as it only works when your TT is connected to your PC.

    Big up to everyone who thinks this is a valid freebie; big down to the mods.
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