lottery changed my life(American TV Programme) Discovery real time

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Found 23rd Jan 2011
Women wins $1m after tax..... $250,000

Another Women wins £56m after tax..... $17.5m

Bloody greedy US Government!

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so infact the us gov is wining all this money even without buying a ticket

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...women that won the $56m... I mean $17.5m... got a threat phone call, then her breaks on her car were cut!

they should buy ticket from uk through web site,that will teach some lesson to us gov

dont think you can take the money in uk unless you are uk resident

No you cant play outside the UK.

That is some serious tax they be taking

wow, not worth playing in the us in that case


wow, not worth playing in the us in that case

Yeah $250,000 is just pointless . . . . . not worth buying a ticket! lol


Yeah $250,000 is just pointless . . . . . not worth buying a ticket! lol

but when its advertised at 1million pound jackpot.

I wouldnt be as encouraged to play

Camelot runs the most cost-efficient lottery in Europe, with around 4% of total revenue spent on
operating costs. In the period up to March 2011, around 28% of total National Lottery revenue is
expected to go to the Good Causes. Over the course of the third Licence, over 50% of total
National Lottery revenue is expected to be paid to winners in prizes, while 12% of total revenue is
expected to be paid to the Government in Lottery Duty. Depending on performance, total profits
across the course of the Licence will range from 0.3% to a maximum of 0.5% of total revenue.

Alot of the money generated from lottery sales in uk goes to the government before the winnings are calculated anyways:
draws between Saturday 19th November 1994 and Saturday 22nd January 2011.:

25,742,345,769 45% Prize money (minus unclaimed prizes)
15,126,732,538 28% Distribution Fund (plus unclaimed prizes)
6,740,582,989 12% Lottery Tax (Government)
2,808,575,816 5% Camelot Group plc (costs/profit)
2,808,575,816 5% Retailers (costs/profit)
2,808,575,816 5% Super Draws/scratchcards

data from Here

£ 220,751,947 of unclaimed lottery prizes since the start :P

Some of the stats are just sick.

Edited by: "5nowman" 24th Jan 2011

Ive just looked at them stats, if im reading them right

2,281,070,763 81% Super Draw fund unused (ignoring scratchcards)

Does that mean there holding 2.2 billion to top up the lottery jackpot when the money is no good?

sounds like it!
you know when they have those "super draws" 100mil etc... probably from that pot!!

well the money which is left for you after wining is so small in amount,that you can fill it up in your pocket
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