lotto text from 07624803685 free fiver is it a scam?

    i have just had this text on my mobi is it a scam it says you get free fiver for tonight ?


    Sounds like one, its from a proper mobile number. Wouldent it be from a different number? Like a 08 number or something.

    the porter

    thanks for that so what is the worst that can happen?

    I wouldn't want to find out.

    Free, unsolicited money is always going to be an enticement to a scam. It wouldn't make sense otherwise - why would a business give away money in such a complex manner without asking anything in return?

    Your best bet is to ignore the message. The best that could happen is that you get £5, which isn't even an hour's wage. The worst that can happen is that they send the £5 cheque to your home address, put you on a Gullible Person Lives Here list, sell your details to every marketing company that'll have them, sign you up for a subscription txt service costing £5 a message and sending out thirty times a day, maybe two of them, steal your ID and land you in two hundred grand of debt, or send trained ninja assasins to your house to kitnap your cat and hold it to ransom. If they're really scummy, they might not even send that £5 cheque.

    Seriously, avoid.

    Fillet of fish innit

    07624 is the prefix for Manx mobile phone PRONTO. It`s classed as abroad if you ring from here.:)
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