Lottoland HUKD threads that go mega hot?

    These threads go mega hot but why? They are -EV for HUKD'ers.

    Can we do the maths?

    BTW I'm not anti gambling, just curious why these deals go hot.


    must have a lot of gamblers on here I thought u were talking a out lego first

    I'd imagine HUKD have deals with certain companies to help advertise.

    I've been a member since 2005 and in that time my belief in what this site offers has changed, it is now business oriented and not user oriented and so many mods will vote things hot that are of no relevance to the average joe but look great with all the heat

    I hope things will return to as they were but probably not

    Garbage site soon as you win you have to jump through hoops. I notice they dont ask for a copy of your driving licence to take your money but the minute you win a penny its all proof and emails hope they go bust

    If a mod posts it, it goes mega hot.

    Anyone else, either cold or below 100.


    If a mod posts it, it goes mega hot. Anyone else, either cold or below … If a mod posts it, it goes mega hot. Anyone else, either cold or below 100.

    ...​ or when it gets unexpired it goes to the first page again (as in a newly posted deal)oO

    Original Poster

    I'm surprised no-one has came up with the odds. It was easier than I thought, hope I got the maths correct.

    If anything I'm pro gambling. I do a bit of matched betting but I make most of my pocket money from online poker and I know how gambling sites make their money (they offer unfair odds.)

    The odds of getting a prize in the Euromillions are 13/1 so the average HUKD'er will win 7.5p (Horrible odds btw and reason enough to steer clear of Euromillions)

    Raid the Piggy Bank if you were to buy 10 + 5 Scratch cards, the best value to buy 15 scratch cards = £3.60.

    Average payout is 51.1% which means the average HUKD'er will win £1.84 from the scratch cards (again horrible odds but still better than the Euromillions.)

    The prize draw has almost no value so I won't count it.

    In total the average HUKD'er will profit +91p. Not life changing money nor something that should go mega hot but it is value and I was wrong with my assumption.

    What annoys me is people take these deals without thinking. Ignore the winners because all gambling sites thrive on a small minority to win and if you do take this deal then don't deposit any more into Lottoland ever again.


    it's because the op is someone better than us like chancci , I'm sure his a mod.
    must be the workers or something
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