lotttery syndicate

    i am interested in joiining one of these, any one know goodones?? not too expensive, maybe 5 quid a mont?


    maybe we should do a HUKD syndicate.

    Original Poster

    yeah thats a gd ideas, id be into that!!

    And we know who's over 15 and whos not?!

    Sounds a good idea. If all you members just send me your £5 and I'll buy the tickets. £436000 if you need to contact me I'll be in south america! lol

    what will u be doing there?


    Helping the wild children of Brazil? Possibly to become top premier league footballers? Possibly in Nottingham FC or perhaps GLHUKD FC?


    what will u be doing there?

    Living it up on nearly half a million pounds!:thumbsup:
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