Found 2nd Jan 2009
Hey everyone,

Im currently looking for a pair of louboutin peep shoe toes. Ive been watching ebay but nothing really catching my eye,

found this site…=53

but ive never heard of the shop so a bit hesitant to order,

any help would be appreciated


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Original Poster

haha, im a little worried about the size of the heel but i reckon i can pull it off,

its for my gf's 21st ;-)

I am sorry to say this but anyone that thinks they are buying authentic CL's at those price is delusional. Even on ebay there are only a handful of sellers that sell authentic CL's so be very careful. If you have to buy online only purchase from a trusted source - Net-a-Porter have a sale on currently as does Browns and Koh Samui also have a sale on. Obviously, if your g/f soesn't mind wearing fakes go right ahead but I would be disugusted personally to knowingly wear them.

If you need a guide to buying from trusted ebay sellers then you would be better off starting here…er/

Hope my post doesn't sound too harsh but I hate people buying fakes without realising.
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