Loud PS4 Slim?

    Hey people,

    I recently put in a disc in my PS4 Slim and it got really loud when compared to the release PS4. I used AC Unity (which I know apparently gets really loud) and Batman for comparison in this.

    Was just wondering if anyone else seems to be having this problem and if this is something playstations usually do or should I get an exchange by Tesco?

    (Edit: After about 10 minutes it calmed down and got super quiet, is this normal?)


    Haven't had a slim (yet...roll on Monday) but yes that is totally normal for a ps4, if you never heard the fan kick in then that would be more of a problem. I've had A, B & C chassis consoles and all do that at some point. My old A sounded like a jet taking off at times.

    If it quietened down I doubt it's faulty. Maybe it was just installing the game if it only lasted 10 mins?
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