Loud Ringtone for Nokia 6300?

Found 12th Mar 2008
Anyone got any ideas how I can either download or edit a ringtone for a nokia 6300 to make it louder, I keep missing calls!
I used to have a 6233 which had 2 speakers and was brilliant, but this one I can barely hear.
I googled it and a few people said use `audacity` audio editing programme, but I can`t seem to get anywhere with that.
Any suggestions much appreciated, other than getting a hearing aid!!!
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You can't hear it even if the volume is on max?
i use audacity to make my ringtones, by recording part of a song (but will only record in mono, not that it should matter for a ringtone).
you can select the output volume just before you can start recording, however put it too loud and it will sound really bad. Just have a mess about with it, shouldn't take too long to learn the basics.

And best of all its free, download from ]here.

Sometimes though it is the phone, my old k750i used to be very loud, but when I put the same ringtone on the k810i it aint as loud.
lol, im sorry, im sure i didnt read the part about audacity, but im pretty sure i read your full post.
Think i may need a memory aid
We had this problem, couldn't even hear the phone ring, but 'cured' it as per the following:-
Try using the 'outdoor' profile instead of 'general', the ringtone is much louder than in general.

My daughter bluetoothed me a ringtone from her SE W300i onto my 6300 called Pick Me Up which is good and loud.
6300 in very loud but as you said 6233 in probably the loudest phone ive used.
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