loud whirring/knocking on some bd discs

    Anyone else notice loud noises on certain discs? just tried to watch expendables 3 but the sound is so loud it becomes off putting. noticed the disc seemed slow at loading to the titles also. wondering if sone discs are made badly and have heavy data to load which knocks the disc or laser out of alignment or something? am only using a £60 player but 99% of discs work,just odd ones now and then.
    Any fixes for it?

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    could be bad balance on the drive mech which shows up on cheaper discs.

    Same problem with mine try watch a film in bed and the blu ray player is louder than the tv so have to watch either netflix or via a USB

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    Can't see expendables being a cheaper disc. and there's no raised lettering or anything to throw it off balance.
    I'm sure I had similar issue some time ago and tried disc in an older player that wasn't working well but it played the disc fine so was wondering if there are 'weak' players out there which struggle ? or know films have fancy java software or something which requires more power and my older player is struggling?

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    it worked in the old player with no problems, until the next day when went to watch some of the extras, the old player wouldnt play the disc. jsut cant win.
    anyway, watched it now. so hopefully wont need to again until purchased a better player in a few years time..
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