Loud Zoostorm PC - What do I replace?

Found 17th Feb 2016
I've had a Zoostorm desktop for a few years now, and it's been great. The only problem is that it's been incredibly loud since I first got it, and I have decided now might be a good time to look at making it quieter. I am not entirely sure what should be replaced, so I was wondering if anyone here on HUKD has had experience with these desktops and can recommend what should be replaced to lower the noise.
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There is a decent zoostorm on sale today for £203. Not worth considering an upgrade rather than replacing the fan etc
Depends what's making the noise. Most probably the CPU fan. But could be graphics card (if you have one) or even the hard drive. What kind of noise is it?

I repaired a PC just before Xmas, was over hearing. It had no thermal paste on CPU
I had one of these with a really loud case fan. Changed it and then found that the fan in the PSU was just as bad. I bought a new one and it was fine
Simple starting point, clean it with compressed air on all the fans and the air vents on the case. Often that's a main cause of fan noise when a fan becomes unbalanced due to dust build up.
Taken a panel off and it looks like the heatsink fan. It's a stock akasa. On closer inspection there is no back panel fan (not the psu). This might be worth installing to help with cooling.
Generally it's either PSU fan or CPU fan. Place desktop for easy access power up and listen at the back where the PSU fan is. If the fan noise is constant and noisy you could look at replacing PSU but the noise could also be caused by a build up of dust and may only need cleaning (as you state it's been noisy since new this is unlikely).
If after a few seconds it gets noisier then the CPU fan has licked in. Again it could be dust.
That's the two main areas for excessive noise.
It's the cpu fan. Makes instant noise. I wish to put in a fan in the spare slot, and the psu is 300w. Will a psu upgrade be required? Can you recommend any silent fans for an AMD processor.
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