Loughborough University - Anyone been recently?


    Did anyone attend Loughborough University last year, especially staying in the Halls? My OH is due to attend in September, although still waiting for full confirmation of accommodation. Has anyone got any hints or tips or anything to share about the University. Specifically, are the rules and regs adhered to strictly or quite relaxed? Do visitors get away with staying on site, obviously as long as they are well behaved. Is car parking as big an issue as it seems to be?

    All help appreciated!


    My OH was there for 5 years, there quite relaxed about most things, tis mainly the parking thats a prob on and off campus, you need some form of permit bloody everywhere lol

    Hi, i went to uni there a few years back. You could get away with having people staying over quite easily although i think you are supposed to sign them in due to fire drills etc.
    Parking is a nightmare, you can't park on campus without a pass and at the time i wasn't allowed to have a car at the university so used to pretend i was visiting until they cottoned on to that. Parking in the surronding streets just gets you stroppy letters left on your windscreen by residents. All in all don't have a car when you are at uni. If you are visiting i think you may be okay.
    Hope this helps, have fun.
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