Louis Theroux

    anyone seen Louis Theroux on tv?

    just wondering what your fav episdoes were?

    remember the wrestling one?:giggle:

    the gambling one ? :w00t:


    I liked the skinhead extremists one in the states, there were some desperatley ill people in that show

    I really enjoyed the last one he did, in LA about Plastic Surgery, when he ended up getting liposuction. He felt guily, as he actually liked the results, but hadn't worked for them!

    Loved the Jimmy Saville / Ovrille / Hamilton ones - he does exploit and embarrass the people around him, but he is very watchable.

    Oh - there was also one from Las Vegas with some serial gamblers that was interesting too! Ohh! And the American Religious freaks (the God Hates Fags one!).

    Compelling viewing!

    I liked the one he did about some anti gay people I think it was. He kept going "I'm free!" in the camp John Inman style. I seem to remember they had guns and threatened to shoot him if he didn't stop saying it!!!

    not sure if i could say favourite, but the 'cult' in America, who demonstrate outside funerals of servicemen announcing that they deserved it - along with fate that befalls anyone else who they don't like!!
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