Louis Vuitton Refund Policy

Posted 28th May 2011
Hi guys just wanted your opinion on this.

It was my birthday a few days ago and was given a Louis Vuitton briefcase. It is beautiful and amazing, no doubts about that! However I have just found that it cost the person that gave it me over £1400!!!!!!!!!! OMG I cannot believe it. Never knew they cost THAT much!!!!!!!

I want her to get a refund in it but I am unsure if she is able to? It was purchased less than 14 days ago and is completely UNUSED?

What are my options?
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Ask her for the receipt.

Why do you want to return it because they bought you something expensive?!

OP will be sad when told it's Fake :-/
If your friend can afford a bag like that, that I would say she/ he has no money worries, or like wheresmenuts it will prob be fake.
That's cheap for an original LV.
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If its from one of their shops you won't have any chance of a refund unless faulty which rarely happens. It's that kind of company where if you can afford such an item of great expense you don't go begging for your money back. That is unless your friend bought it online from them then they would have to return it within 7 days for a refund or 30 days for an exchange, all except hot stamped or mon monogram products)

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And lol
Post your pics of it and we'll be able to help tell if it's real to save any embarrassment.
I have a Louis Vuitton bag, I had it sent from their Paris store as it had a waiting list in the UK, part of the refund policy (if real, the bag I mean not the policy) was that it had to be returned within 7 days, I don't think Vuitton expect returns since they are such expensive items, no one would buy one with the intention of returning it, when you part with the best part of a grand for a handbag/briefcase you have already cried your tears over the cash leaving your account.

Hate to say it, but if you think the person maybe can't afford to part with the £1400, maybe its fake ?? there are loads of fakes about, ebay is full of fakes from China and Turkey. Problem is with fakes, they are bloomin' good, I took my original Vuitton on holiday with me to compare it to a fake in Turkey and they had it bang on, they even do fake receipts for them, fake boxes and fake dustbags, which is why I would never buy a bit of designer kit out of a shop which wasn't the brands own store or off their own website.

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I think it's very harsh to say her mate bought her a fake...................it's just as likely they went shoplifting. X)
To be fair, I don't see 'friend' mentioned. So I don't know why everyones assuming 'friend'.

It could be a family member and it could be a 'milestone' birthday..
I wish it was fake it would make me feel so much better but my cousin isn't the kind that does that! She also included a £100 gift voucher there too which is basically a reciept that says it's a gift voucher and no refunds etc etc. It was all bought from the Manchester store so no extra long distance selling laws.

Last year she took me out, bought watch, clothes etc she didn't even look at the prices. I really don't know how she can afford to spend so much on someone else as she doesn't spend anything on herself!

Spent ages looking around for refund policy etc (yes she'll get upset i wanna return it but i'd feel sooo much better about it) but can only return it if it is faulty! Pure guilt cos i don't deserve it, can't justify it!!!!!
OP if you wana sell it, PM me if you create a thread :P
louis vuitton modelling . . viva lupe.

£1400 ?! dear God.
Briefcase W***** - the Inbetweeners, classic! Haha
My wife bought me an LV iphone case but my 3gs didn't fit properly. Couldn't return it so only option was to buy iphone 4
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