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    So I received a free love film trial through the post the other day, its a service I havn't used before but know a lot of you have so was after a bit of advice.

    1. In terms of the free trial which package are you put on? Is it the unlimited with 3 discs (video games/dvd/blue ray) at any one time package?

    2. What is their stock availability like? I want to get Super Mario Galaxy and they have it but I can't see any reference to stock or waiting lists on the site.

    3. I checked the voucher section on this website, and noticed a free Amazon £20 voucher & free trial, would did this voucher mean I wouldn't get the £15 cashback Quidco offer with a free trial?

    4. Overall, would you recommend their service?

    thanks for any advice / tips


    I think you get the quidco too. And if I remember it's the 3 discs unlimited trial. You should defo go for it lovefilm is great.

    As far as stock availability, once you add the ten items, it tells you which they have in stock (if I remember correctly) hope that helps
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    If you go through nectar card, they have an offer of 5000 points, this works out at £27 according to MSE loyalty checker.

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    was about to go through Quidco when I relised it was a two week free trial and when I went to register there was already a code in the promo box ending in QC - so if I replaced it with the amazon voucher the quidco probably wouldnt track
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