Love film with £20 amazon voucher - anyone having any luck

Anyone else think they are taking the pee??? I've been told 30 days from sign up, 1st dispatch now first billing!

T&C's cant change! My voucher should be due tomorrow to have met the first 2 dates. If the leave it til 30 days after first billing that's a load of rubbish as i'd be billed again.

Was going to continue with the service but this is annoying me!


i have tried the amazon one twice but never got it.

I understand by reading the original thread that some have received the Amazon voucher. I am still waiting in anticipation for mine though.
I will not forget about it though.

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I saw one person had got theirs. So wish i had a screen shot of the sign up though!

Sure it said within 30 days of joining!

I sent an email, and they confirmed that it would be with me 28 - 30 days after delivery of the first DVD. I have kept a copy of their response so that they cant wriggle out of it!

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I have mine too but it's due by tomorrow so cutting it a bit fine. :-(

LoveFilm are an awful company. I tried the 30 day trial thinking, as most people do, I could get some cool films and the free gift (cinema tickets at the time) and cancel before I was charged. I was wrong. With regards to your question, I got my free gift pretty sharpish, cancelling is a nightmare. They charged me because they said I kept two films over the 30 day trial period when they were actually stuck in limbo due to the postal strike.

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Anyone any progress??? I'm still being mucked about!
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