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Today I gave a two week's notice of my intent to resign. The letter was written in frosting on a full sheet size cake. The cake was delicious and it was well received.

"Dear Mr. Bowers,

During the past three years, my tenure at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has been nothing short of pure excitement, joy and whim.

However, I have decided to spend more time with my family and attend to health issues that have recently arisen. I am proud to have been part of such an outstanding team and I wish this organization only the finest in future endeavors.

Please accept this cake as notification that I am leaving my position with NWT on March 27.


W. Neil berrett"

3/16/2009 12:41 - I did submit a paper resignation letter. It's hard to file away a cake.

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If I had to do this when I resigned from my last job I would have put a load of laxitives in it!! The Manager at my last job didn't like the fact that I was leaving... she was horrid!

Judging from the photo, he's gay. Not being homophobic, just stating the obvious :P I'm sure he'll make a good housewife some day.

However, it is very impressive, a tasty slice of awesomeness

Sad git.........

bet he didn't make it either!
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