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Found 10th Nov 2017
Anyone any idea if this site is legit. Thanks in advance for all comments
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no ssl certificate
no company information
social buttons don't actually link anywhere
they have a blog and havent bothered to remove the 'hello world' post

googling it though I'd say it's "legit" but ran by someone who doesn't know how to manage a basic wordpress site, or doesn't care

I'd assume they are dropshipping
Website registered on 29/11/16 and expires 29/11/17.
Website registrant Profit Ltd at a residential address (which has not been updated). Looked up Profit Ltd on Companies House only to find that the company was dormant from 2007 to 2015 and from then there has been a lot of activity such as numerous change of addresses and company officers.
Looking at website one of the red flags on terms and conditions would be ' we accept all major American Credit Cards' and their return policy.
Personally I would avoid and buy elsewhere.
This company is legimate and is in process of having an ssl certificate added so is perfectly secure. Who are these people that comment on sites that they know nothing about. It is registered with Companies House and is not with Profit Ltd or never has only initially over 12 months ago!!.. I have built this site up to launch in the New Year and have traded successfully on ebay for 12 months and have had no problems!! All my orders fulfilled and all happy customers as I pride myself on great customer service. So I take offence to these people that make your site out to be something it is not. I have dealt with some companies whereby even I think how on earth they are still in business. So please get your facts completely straight before commenting on things you have absolutely no idea about!!
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