Okay I was considering signing up yesterday, but I cant see any prices on the site. I'd be signing through quidco, so the trial is there still.

    But I want the cheapest package for PS3 games and Blurays [if they do blurays]

    How much does it cost?


    £14 for 2 games or dvds at anytime just use free 3 month trial floating about

    Original Poster

    And I can cancel at any time?

    So basically, do it for two months, then cancel it or something like that?

    Yep thats right.

    There should be a 3 month free trial on here somewhere.

    Original Poster

    The £3.99 a month where I can use a max of two discs, can I use PS3 games with that?

    Original Poster

    Ah, strike that.

    Here is a link to a voucher for Tesco rental which is run by lovefilm. You can have 3 discs including games…714

    Original Poster

    Signed up thru lovefilm.. pretty sure it didnt ask me for a password. and i misspelt my email so i fixed it, requested a new password and it hasn't come through.... grr.
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