LOVEFILM 3 months free - 3 disks and including game help please!

I having some troubles i went to sign up to lovefilm with the 3 month free trial code but i want to sign up to the one with 3 dics including games; is this possiable?

Also once i found out it said i had choosen the 2 dics on i pressed back and tried to sign up again it said the email address was already registered.

What am i ment to do please?

thks in advanced +rep added for help


Hi. Its worthwhile giving LoveFilm a call or email about this before you sign up. I signed up on a 3 month free trial and gave them my card details as required by the terms, once I had signed up and started to select some DVDs I read up on the other packages available, and I decided to change my package. At that point I lost the 3 month free trial and they instantly charged my card for the first months package cost, I then decided that I wanted a 2 disc combo package with DVDs and Games,again they charged me another months cost for the new package so in total in less that 10 minutes I was charged 2 months of different packages and lost my 3 month trial period. Just thought I would make you aware of this before you gave them your card details. Hope this helps. Cheers.

Also note that you have no control over when and which DVD/Game Discs you receive, you browse through the site and add DVD/Game titles to your list and you can prioritise them but this is a red herring because the priority rating has absolutely nothing to do with the next disc you will receive, for example if you pick a combo package of DVDs and Games, you're not guaranteed to get 1 DVD and 1 Game each time, you may get 2 DVDs from your list, or 2 Games or 1 of each. You never know until they email you and tell you which titles have been posted to you. So if you think that selecting a new realease game that due to come out soon, you will be bitterly disappointed as you may not receive the title for many months after its release.


you have to select combo 3 package when you sign up. You cannot add games once registered without paying.
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