Found 18th Nov 2009
Does anyone know if the postcode trick on lovefilm still works? I've tried 3 recently, 1 has gone through, but the other 2 haven't. Anyone know what to do?

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I am on another free trial at the moment. I Put in different postcode, used a different credit card and a different email address.

Probably went a bit over the top ! But worked fine for me :thumbsup:

my mate is still getting free lovefilm trials by adding letters to the end of his address
so instead of 43 fake street, 43A, 43B etc

they will find you & when they do..........................

what is this postcode trick?


what is this postcode trick?

Basically, if you search google for a postcode that doesn't exit but is very similar to your own. (Keeping your house number & street name the same) The Lovefilm computer will not pick it up as an addresss used before & therefor you can continue to use free trials etc.

Hope this makes sense.

Be careful though, there have been stories on here of Lovefilm finally catching up with people diddling them out of multiple free trials (apparantly requesting payment etc) :whistling:
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