Well this morning i got a letter through the post from lovefilm, asking me yet again to come back.

    but something wasn't quite right in that letter....

    according to them, i had used their service for 23 months!!! and i had only cancelled a few weeks ago??

    in reality, i took a screenselect offer back in summer 05, and cancelled after a few months in febuary 06, so im a bit confused why they are saying this, and i've checked my statement, they haven't been charging me.

    any idea why on earth they would say that? should i be worried at all?

    also, along with the letter, they gave me a UNIQUE(so they claim) code that entitles me to 3 months for the price of 1. i assume, seeing as i've already cancelled, that they won't charge the activation fee, and that this is in general for previous members.

    if anyone wants the code, i will not be using it, they are more than welcomed to have it, although i want to be sure you actually will be using it, and you genuinly want to rent dvds from them again. just pm me.


    I got the same letter, although no indication on how long I used the service (1 month free trial)...

    If it is a unique code, I'd expect that code to sign up your address, so giving it away might not be an option.

    Original Poster

    worth a go? the code seems too short for it to be unique tho, its like 6 letters.
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