Lovefilm Advice Please ?

Basically, someone I know in one of my classes in school is always playing on the latest xbox 360 games on xbox live (legally) every time a new game comes out...
I decided to ask him how the hell is he affording all of the latest games, he told me he signs up to a 3 month game deal and cancels it before the trial is up, so now i'm curious to do the same.

I've done some googling and read positive and negative feedback about Lovefilm on various sites, so which is true ?

If someone could post their experiences with Lovefilm, and possibly lead me in the right direction as to which is the best "offer" to sign upto, that wont add huge costs to my bank I would be greatful

Cheers !


great service think they are a bit sharper on people canceling accounts now ?


You can do the 3 month trick, but have heard quite a few people on here getting blocked from lovefilm for life.

go for it

Love film is awesome and well worth paying for.

I played that game as long as i could. i managed it several times but they caught onto me the last 2 times. By all means though go for the 3 month trial, cancelling is easy. however dont bank on another free trial they are pretty hot on it now.

I signed upto lovefilm for the DVDs. The code was accepted on the sign up for 3 months but on my account it showed a month. I emailed them and they changed it to 3 months for me. Before the 1st month was even up, I was charged for the subscription. I phoned and emailed and they said they'd refund me. I did that about 3 times before someone said "It's been refunded to your lovefilm account". I searched online to find a balance but it was no-where to be found, so I think that was just an excuse. In the end I phoned up again but this time said I wanted to speak to a manager about a complaint etc and they finally refunded my card and cancelled the free subscription!

If it works for you, I'd say go for it, but I think I was one of the unlucky ones.
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I used it before as well with trick at home addy a few times before they caught on, now at Uni using a 2 month fine, all times loved the service and cancel on time online never charged, highly recommended i tell everyone because people ask me how im playing all these new games too.
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