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    I looked into canceling my LoveFilm account last week as my trial was coming to an end and i wasn't happy that was wasn't recieving the games and dvds i wanted. When i checked it out there was a nice form in the myAccount section to cancel your account. All you had to do was say why you were cancelling. Anyone remeber this? Anyway at the botton of the page there was a note that said any outstanding rentals need to be returned within 7 days of canceling you account. Anyway i sent back what dvds i has yesterday and they have already dispatched some more according to the website. Anyway my trial is up in a couple of days so I clicked on the cancelation button to find that form had been repleaced by a phone number, with no mention of the 7 days. I called them and spoke to a lady who could bearly speak english. I asked to cancel but she told me that because the dvds have been dispatched i can't. I mentioned about the 7 days notice i saw and she asked me to find it in the T&C, needless to say it wasn't there. Did i dream this up or have it alll changed conveniently to catch me at the end of my trial?

    Thanks for any responses.


    you can only cancel online at times when there is no customer services available. i think its about 7/8pm till 7/8 am the nest morning. im sure someone can confirm this!

    The best thing to do is completely remove your list of dvd's before you send the last lot back! Unsure of the 7 day rule though! maybe send them back as soon as you get them and the system might let you get away with it if your lucky!

    You can cancel online after 10pm, when the call centre is closed. The form is replaced by a phone number at other times, you weren't dreaming!

    Not sure about the 7 days notice though.

    I thought if you cancelled your account they didn't send any more discs out. They put your account into "pending cancellation" until they received your discs back. I'm sure you had to cancel at least 5 days before your next billing date and you had 5 or 7 days to return all discs sent out to you.

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    Oh is that why the online form has gone? Thanks

    Well i haven't got the latest rentals yet. Wont get them till tomorrow. My billing date is the 13th. So the prob wont get them in time. Oh well looks like i'm paying for a month. Worse things have happened thanks for the help.

    Always get proof of postage as well, it's free and covers you against charges should the dvds get lost.

    You can still e-mail them via the contact us form telling them you want to cancel as I've done it before. I put in my message that I didn't want to speak to someone who would try and offer me a few months free when all I wanted to do was cancel! I got a reply within 48 hours saying it was cancelled!

    I think they do the telephone thing to put people off phoning therefore getting extra cash from you.

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    I found it in the T&C and it's a bit of a let down.


    We do not provide refunds or credits for any partially used batches of … We do not provide refunds or credits for any partially used batches of credits, with the exception of the money back guarantee (see clause 8.7 (Money Back Guarantee) below). Upon cancellation, you will be given seven (7) days to return any outstanding DVDs...

    But then it says:


    This clause applies to the cancellation of Pay As You Go packages...

    I am sure that is was advertised on the cancelation page as something like "Any outstanding DVDs must be returned within seven days of cancelling" with no mention of pay as you go. Quite miss leading if i am right. But guess i could have missed the bit about Pay As You Go.

    My payment date is 12th Apr. I returned all the discs on 8 Apr, at the same time I removed all the pending rental list. They received my returned DVDs on 9 Apr. Then I cancelled my account on 10 Apr at 11pm online. I got a confirmation e-mail within seconds. All seems fine. Now I am just waiting wether they will send me the voucher of £20 for
    During the 30 days trial, I got 20 DVDs sent out. Can't complain.

    It does say you have 7 days but it doesn't state you don't have to pay for those 7 days. Maybe call again and speak to a supervisor they may be able to let you off the payment if they are returned asap

    when i have used the lovefilm trials ive made sure ive cancelled before sending my last batch out, the LF customer services are shocking to say the least in my experience.

    one little bit of advice, you should be able to drop your package right down to the cheapest one which is only about £3.99 so if you do end up getting charged for a month then its not a bit payment. Do this before your trial is up though, you will miss out on a day or 2 of the trial by switching but will save you money in the long run.


    you have to cancel BEFORE they get the dvs back as of course they will send you some more. the disks have to be back before the payment date. You will get billed again as you have no chance of returning them in time now. I always cancel a week before the payment date and send any disks back then.

    I then rejoin a week later using the free codes. 19 months on free trial so far

    if you cancel BEFORE you send the last lot back,i have heard stories of them going missing then then getting charged because they didnt receive them. just clear your rental list and then send back they cant send any out then!!

    CSIman "19 months free" are you varying your info ? if so, what info. twhen i treid to get in hey wouold not let me do a retrail as i already had a person in hsousehold as a member.



    CSIman "19 months free" are you varying your info ? if so, what info. … CSIman "19 months free" are you varying your info ? if so, what info. twhen i treid to get in hey wouold not let me do a retrail as i already had a person in hsousehold as a member.

    no - i just use the code posted on this site continually.
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