LOVEFiLM Changing Its Dispatching DVDs Policy!!!!!!

Found 23rd Oct 2008
I am on a free 3 months DVD rental, so not any problem for me who pays nothing!
The first month went smooth. When I send them DVDs, they receive them on following day, and dispatch a new DVD on the same day, which I receive the day after. No problem!

But now, it is the third week that every time they receive my DVDs, they delay the dispatching of new DVD to the next working day [Mon-Fri]! So in practice, I am losing out one day on every rental!


had no problems with my deliveries all as quick as normal.

I've never had problems with them. Give them a ring. Anyway, it's free!!! :roll:

Me too - have been with them since they were ScreenSelect and get them very quickly still.

I agree with the OP. I was moved to love film from Amazon and so far have been very unimpressed with the turn around speed. They seem to wait 3-4 days before dipatching the next. When I was with Amazon it was almost by return of post. I also recieved alot more of my first choices.


Every trial I've had they've done the same thing. Starts off fine, then they slow right down. And wonder why I don't extend to pay rather than a trial!

i've been paying last 2 months and am now having the same, think i will leave

It took them 3 days to send out my last dvd. Not impressed with them at the moment,

Same here. In the first month speedy (same day) delivery, after that they wait 2-3 working days before sending new DVDs. And yes, my DVD list has 60+ titles on it, so no reason for the delay.

Not willing to pay anything for this kind of delivery speed, Blockbuster was more consistent I have to say (they send new DVDs the next working day and that remained the same throughout 3 months (that's how long I was for free with them ;-) )

on my 2nd trial and not had a problem. Have only used it for 360 games and last one I got was pro evo 09. Sent bro in arms hh(truly awful game) back on the thurs and had pro evo in my grubby hands on the sat day after launch.
I've got gow2 on my list so with a bit off luck I'll get it on launch day it I can time it right.

so amazon is BETTER than lovefilm ?

interesting, seeing as amazon use lovefilm for their rental service.............

All Amazon rental customers were moved to Lovefilm when they partnered up. We had no choice. You can no longer join the Amazon rental it no longer exists.
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