Lovefilm code to reactivate account..3 months trials for previous customers!?

Found 14th May 2008
I just tried to reactivate my account with a code for another 3 month trial.
This used to work for the past 6 months, haven´t had any luck this time.

Does anyone have a code that still works?

Thanks in advance, Nat.
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These are all the ones I have. They should all be for 3 months. No guarantees any of them will work though as some might now be expired. I had them saved on my comp when I started my first trial lol in preparation :p. (Am now on my second straight one). Hope 1 works for you!


1) DFG9AE6R4

2) EPAL3M6

3) XMLF720

5) XMLF719

6) XMLF714

7) XMLFZZ714


9) LFZZ98762
if you cant find a 3month, just use a 1 month code then retry the 3month after that. or make a new account using a diff email and change name slightly e.g chris = kris but use all other details as before and use the 3 month code. ENJOY!
Thanks very much guys. Will give it a try now
Also have these if you try Ace's suggestion:

More Codes:

2 Months Free Trial


1 Month Free Trial

1) 8FHC7BT4C
None of the codes work. Says I already had a trial etc etc.
I will sign up again and change my name slightly as suggested.
Have to wait a little though because they haven´t received my last 3 discs back.
Returned them before the bank holiday and they never got them. So they said they will send me
a form to confirm that and when i have returned the discs.
I guess some postie grabbed them for his collection
Yes I guess they started to see that people keep reactivating the same accounts over and over again.
Looks like the only option is to change your name slightly as suggested by ace.
Hope that works still
My second trial runs out end of this month...Ill try changing my name and email maybe, once I've cancelled it. Hopefully it works. Otherwise no more games and films for me!
None of the above codes reactivated either of my accounts with them either Guess they're tightening up to get tough on people like me who just use them for the 3 month trials over & over!
anybody got any new codes for a 3 month trial, mines just ran out
anyone else having issues with activating code
i can choose the package i wish but cant seem to get any confirmation
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