Found 26th Sep 2008
i just done the 14 day free trial with tesco for the free blu-ray. i liked the service and want the 3 month trial. but have a few questions:
1. whats the code for the 3 month trial?
2. if i already done the free tesco trial how do i get around it so i can have another trial?


it is possible but you would have to change most of your details, do it in a friends name with a different email address that sort of thing, This might not work though as sometimes they check if you have used the service before by the mailing address.

search for the lovefilm posts and most have answers to the same questions asked by other members

here are all the voucher posts…=92

It does go by the postal address, i tried it before with a different name, card and everything but they cancelled it next day

To do it successfully, you need to use a different post code. Change the last letter of your postcode and keep trying till you find one that comes up as a not valid road name, then manually input your street address yourself.

Hope this helps :thumbsup:
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