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    I took up Lovefilm's offer to come back to them and get 3 months for the price of one. At the time, they had unlimited account freezes, where that time would be added onto my account upon de-freezing. That was very convenient for me, as I am away quite a lot.

    Now they have merged with ScreenSelect, they have changed that. The freezes are gone, and the only thing left are "holidays", max 2 weeks at a time and max 4 weeks per year. Anything more than that is charged at £1/week! Also, the "holiday" time is NOT added onto my account, but my next billing amount is reduced accordingly.

    Now, this does not suit me at all, as I do not plan to stay with Lovefilm after the 3 moths are up. I am still away quite a lot, and I can not use my freezes, which was the reason I signed up with them. I have emailed and called them a number of times, and they just say that they can change their terms and conditions whenever they want, and that's it. I have paid for my service in advance and they just do not care at all. I am furious.

    Do I have any rights here?
    Many thanks!


    I had the same offer and when the end came I cancelled (you have to by phone to a chap in India). He then promptly gave me another three months for the price of one. I'd change or just go the shopd and hire when you want them...

    This lot are known for poor service..I experienced much the same when I was with them.

    Take my advice and go are best and there is a free trial offer with quidco cashback.

    You have no right on the T&C's front. In the original T&C's it would have mentioned that they hold the right to change them at any point, which you agreed to. T&C's are always to the benefit of the company, not the consumer.

    I signed up to Sainsburys DVD rental what seems like an eternity ago and after several months usage they declared that the underlying service would now be provided by Lovefilm.

    Recently however it became completely merged with Lovefilm, the standard of service has certainly dropped and I plan on changing.

    I have used Amazon and they were pretty good...
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