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    Hi there. I was wondering but IF I were to take a 30-day trial with Lovefilm with nothing on my SOLO Card (Natwest Adapt Account) and cancelled it before the 30 days, if I were to forget or they continue trying to charge me would they just cancle the account as they wouldn't be able to get the money from the card? Its just [email protected] worried about doing it and then they try and charge me (I've known it to happen before)



    use the 90 day trial and cancel two weeks before the end
    im not sure if it's a direct debit
    but ask your bank to deny all charges to lovefilm


    They would be enitled to the money as you entered into a contract. Just setup a reminder on your PC to cancel in 25 days.

    Code for 90 days is XMLFZZ720

    I just cancelled mine the day before, set an alarm on your phone or something.

    You can always go into the 'my account' section and it will tell you when they are taking the first payment.

    If you sign up through Quidco, then you get £15.50 cashback if they did take the first payment so at least you wouldn't be totally out of pocket.

    Hope this helps


    I would cancel a few days before as they bill you if they havent received all the films back by the billing date
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