Lovefilm sign up problems, please help!

    Evening all.

    I have a code to sign up for a 3 month trial, but for some reason it will not give me the option to sign up for the £15.99 (3 DVDs at a time) package, it just won't give me the option.

    It gives me 3 choices: £4.99, £12.99 and £14.99 but when I go elsewhere on the website I can see the £15.99 option

    Has anyone else found this? Is this just what they are doing on the free trial now?



    Original Poster

    Oh great, thanks :thumbsup:

    just went through some codes and XMLF720 gave me 90 days free trial on the £15.99 package

    Rep left

    did u manage to get to the confimation page?
    ihad the choice but couldnt go further


    Just tried rejoining with code PRGLFRAF8 and used same address and got the unlimited combo (films / games) for 3 months free. That will make it 27 months free when the free trial ends

    I just used my initial for my first name, a new email address, same postal address.

    Initial payment date: 25 August 2008
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