Lovefilm taken my money 10days to early any suggestions?

Hi I just wondered if anyone has had similair problems with the lovefilm next due date.

I signed up for the 3-1 month offer where you pay for 1 month and get another 2 free and intended to cancel before the 3 months was up.

The lovefilm site said my next payment date was 18th Jan 2011. However on looking on my bank account I have found they have already taken this months payment yesterday on the 10th,and now the website says my next payment date is 10 Feb, I did check Saturday and the due date was Defintaly 18th Jan.

Anyone else had similar problems.


They did this with me, except they took it 2 months too early. I phoned up and complained and they said they'd refund me. 6 months later after numerous emails and phone calls, which they claimed it was refunded to my lovefilm account... they finally refunded it to my bank account. I won't use them again, they're terrible!!
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Must say bit disapointed with the lovefilm support, received 3 emails from them all calling me Katie when my name is Jeremy and they admit its their fault but dont seem to keen to refund but offering a financial credit, whatever that is?
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