Groups cancel number?

    Does anyone know it?

    I have been unable to access an account i open 3 months ago with the trial, i sent of for a password over 10 times and no response so i assumed it was canceled and now i have an email saying they have tryed to take the money, but my account was empty (which it was lol). But i cant log in to get the number as i have no working password!!!!

    Any help plez


    0870 6095384

    0808 2000193

    Its 0800 091 1514 or (020 8631 0020) to confirm cancellations


    usually with these free offers you have to cancel the account after the free trial otherwise they keep billing you, hence why they ask you for your bank details.

    lol least you didnt have no money in there!

    Original Poster

    i knwo however i never used the account never selected any dvd or anything

    well even if you don't phone up they'll cancel it anyway if you don't update payment details as they did that with my account

    Original Poster

    i got a refund thanks guys!
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