LoveHoney no longer charge for delivery (Adult shop).....

    and no minimum order + 16% quidco.

    Got to be worth a look


    Moved to misc, as this is really just info rather than a deal in and of itself. Thanks

    Original Poster

    Sorry, thaks for that

    Wow its my mums 37th birthday this week and she travels alot... Im going to get her this super dooper travel pillow


    Original Poster

    Is it the mans arm and chest pillow lol ?

    I seriously need to stock up on this stuff, broke a lot of mine over easter

    Sure my mum will like this It looks very confortable and will hopefully help her sleep

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    Looks like you had a good easter then lol, they had a leap year special on the 29th feb where they sold 4 toys at 29p each I stocked up then and have been smiling since lol

    someone bought me a dildo from there - not impressed, i said they could stick it where the sun dont shine.

    2 weeks later they thanked me for the great advice. - they had a big smile on their face.
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