Loving the sun...but whats with all the smelly people :/

    so my question to all is,do you use extra deoderant in the warm weather?do you shower twice daily? i do but obviously my customers dont!!urgh!!!!!


    Don't tell us tell them!

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    Don't tell us tell them!

    oh ive done more than tell them,ive sprayed them!!

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    tbh what else do you expect working in a massage parlour

    true that! havent seen you for a while tho??am i too expensive for ya


    I was thinking the same thing!
    Went into Waitrose on Monday and got a massive 'whiff' walking past one of the guys stacking the fruit.

    Put me off everything I was supposed to buy so just bought cheesecake.

    its not even a summer thing, some people are just plain stinky **** lol. I mean how the hell can you smell at 9am in the morning on the way to work.

    I even hate it when people stink at the gym lol. Those that who've just done a workout...fair enough, but some people when they come in before doing their session they stink eurgh lol

    my partner works for royal mail in the sorting office and he said some of the staff wear coats in this weather inside while they work so i can imagine they stink, there was a women at my work once who stunk of BO how she couldnt smell it herself i dont know, it was horrible. i think the manager had to have a word with her in the end, i wouldnt like to tell someone they smell lol
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    Its not just adults either .......some right ' toasty kids ' about , went to farm and park yesterday and there was a big gang of mingers having a picnic , and as the kids waffted past they smelt of toast , hard one to explain , but you know , just a dirty, minging smell !!l lol, ........dont know what the mothers smelt like though as didnt get too close , there bent noses and tattoes on knuckles put me off


    its not even a summer thing, some people are just plain stinky **** lol. … its not even a summer thing, some people are just plain stinky **** lol. I mean how the hell can you smell at 9am in the morning on the way to work.

    ^^ This.

    What’s worse is try being 5 foot 2 and stuck in a sardine tin that London Underground call the tube with some lanky git who is 6 foot something grabbing hold of the overhanging things and your face being inches away from the line of fire i.e. his armpit. That was me this morning. It was so bad I had to hold my breath and get off at the next stop. Luckily the tube didn’t get stuck in the tunnel or any signal failure otherwise I might have died lol

    I just don't understand how these people can’t smell themselves and feel disgusted. There is no excuse for poor personal hygiene. Brush your teeth, wash yourself, wear some deodorant, wash your genitals, I mean how hard is to do that twice daily? I have to have a shower before work in the morning and again when I get home in the evening, you have to if you even use the public transport system here. If I go to the gym that’s another shower afterwards too.

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    Try working in a busy A & E dept, the stinkers you get in there are unbelievable!! My mum always bought me up to always put clean knickers on before you go out ( hence my abnormal rate of knicker usage ), I've almost vomited over patients before when removing their clothes cos of the stench!
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