Low Flow/Water Protection on gas boiler!

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Posted 19th Sep 2012
I have a code 9 on my gas boiler therefore I have no hot water or ch.

This is what it says in the manual about a code 9:-

The Remeha Avanta Plus has a low-water protection based on temperature readings.

By modulating down as soon as there is a risk of an insufficient water flow, the boiler will keep working for as long as possible.

An insufficient water flow, however caused, - indicated by a flow/return dt ] 45°C or a rate of rise in the flow temperature > 1°C/sec – will be sensed by the ‘abc®’ control which will shut the boiler down in a blocking mode with the display showing (code 9) for 10 minutes and
before re-starting.

Anyone have any ideas on how to correct this problem it has said code 9 for abour 1 hour and 30mins?

Thanks in advance.
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