Low to Mid priced phones

    My Galaxy S3 is doing weird fax machine type noises on phone calls. Tried reset, and deleting apps, cleaning phone etc. No good. So looking for a replacement under £180. So comparing it to the S3, which was a flagship at it's time, I want:
    1. A phone that screen looks as good.
    2. A phone who's camera is as good or better.
    3. More ram than the S3. 2GB will do the job, but 3GB better.
    4. Screen 4.7" to a max of 5.2".
    5. Would prefer removable battery, but not essential.

    I've ruled out:
    Phones imported from China: Cameras seem to be crap. Correct me if I am wrong..
    5.5" or bigger. Too big for me.
    Moto G 3rd Gen: Nice phones, but screens not as nice as S3, am I wrong?
    Phones with only 8GB storage and 1GB Ram. Too low these days.

    Looked at: Samsung mid-price range, but there are so many of them, and now 2016 updated versions of some, very confusing!
    Wileyfox Swift, looks a good all rounder, but not the greatest camera?
    Huawei P9 lite. Seems the one to go for, but looking for a price drop.
    Alcatel idol 3 or 4 range seems nice.



    Doogee X6 Pro?
    Are you dead set on your 'wants'?
    Little over £60 on Amazon but the camera isn't the greatest and screen size is 5.5".

    Everything else is decent though.
    720p HD screen.
    2GB ram.
    Removable battery.
    16GB storage with option to get extended storage up to 32GB.

    It is a Chinese phone, but it's been working fine since I got it a few months ago.

    I'm replacing my S3 with the Xiaomi Redmi 4 when that comes out.…php

    A 5.5 inch screen is not a lot bigger then the s3 because of the large bezel around the s3. A 5.5 ich screen is about 5mm wider and 10mm longer than your current s3. I guess a 5 inch is what your looking for however don't worry about getting a 5.5 inch. I have seen pictures from a wileyfox... My mate has one.... and remi note mate has one of them to... They are very good and perfectly fine. You can see examples of pictures on YouTube for yourself. I myself am currently using my old s3 as my lg g4 developed the well documented boot loop fault and the s3 is hard going, just so slow in comparison to g4. Lag is terrible plus freezing up. I'm waiting for the remi note 3 3i pro uk version posted here as I need band 20. At £130 it's a bargain and will do me. I do take lots of photos however for events I always carry a compact camera. I find the zoom and no worries about phone camera battery going flat a compact camera is a must carry. Having to swap phone battery or using a power bank is a pain and not needed. That's how I do things.
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