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Found 8th Nov 2015
Hi All,
Hope you don't mind me asking but has any one here had any dealings with Lowell Portfolio , Its a collection agency that buys debts.
I have lived at my current home for about 3 years and previous to that a house a few miles away. About six months ago I started receiving letters of Lowell saying I owed a couple of debts. I called and said that I begged to differ and the obviously have the wrong person. I thought that was the end of it. Two days a go I have received a court letter and this is a genuine one as I have heard some times they send fake ones to scare you !! to let me know Lowell have decided to take me to court. It seems I supposedly owe Jd Williams the sum off £183 which now is £283 . The debt dates back to 2010 at address I have not lived at with some one with the same name and date of birth as me. I have called Jd Williams who have confirmed they sold the debt and I have asked if there is any thing they can do as how do I prove this debt is not mine.
I have spoke to Lowell who were nice but smarmy saying they only wanted to help and court was a last resort and really a payment would help.. I feel like screaming because how on earth do I prove it wasn't me and how do they prove it wasn't. The only connection is same name and date of birth.
I have gone on line and defended the claim but I just miffed about it all. Any one else had this

Thanks in advance for any advice
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Write to them, and demand that they provide an agreement signed by yourself. State that you did not live at the address concerned, the debt is not yours and that if they persist in harassing you will report the matter to then OFT.
These scammers, I dealt with these around 4 years ago.

Apparently i owed around £79 from an old 3 contract which i knew i paid off but had no proof as was a few years prior, They harrassed me by Email, Phone, Letters and sent me numerous letters and then started passing the debt around to 'Someone with more umpf than them' and i traced them down to be another company within Lowell i sought help and found a letter from BBC Watchdogs and sent that to them, Pretty much demanding proof and if they contact me any further without proof then i would seek a solicitor due to harrassment.

Lets just say they never returned, If your 100% sure you dont owe it like i was then fight it, They buy debts for pennies and usually they are barred debts and they chase people and scare them into paying, They have been on BBC Watchdogs numerous times.

Horrible people, Also cornered me on the phone demanding payment there and then and if i put the phone down then debt collectors would be knocking... Pathetic.
Sorry i cant seem to find the letter i sent them, Seems all links are dead.

Avoid phone contact with them and keep things through letter (recorded if possible)
Send a subject access request (SAR) to JD Williams asking for everything they have on you, including itemised invoices of products bought and delivery addresses - ico.org.uk/med…pdf
There is a fee for this (max £10 I think).

I'd also check your credit file to see if any defaults have been lodged (watch out for the "free trials" as they often recur monthly automatically. Equifax, Experian and Call Credit are the 3 main ones). If so, you will probably have to get in touch with police to report fraud - actionfraud.police.uk/fra…aud

Good luck!
Get out of debt free
Put your defence in (It's not me - phone recording from jd Williams stating it's not you) counter claim expenses, harassment, time off work, parking, fuel, distress. Lose Lowell money. Record all calls. Keep all letters received. Keep a copy of all letters sent.
this morning I called Jd Williams and basically they weren't that helpful, they are trying to shed some light on the debt but I suppose it doesn't help when the debtor has same name and date of birth as me.
As for Lowell, they have sent me a letter which was dated 6/11/ and the court letter was dated before that so I am guessing they sent it out quick to cover them selves.
Also have discovered on my credit file there is a link to this address I am supposed to have lived at but haven't. I have tried to call credit agency who have said they can not change it.
I had the same letter a few months ago. What a shock that was. Again, someone with the same name and date of birth, but who lived hundreds of miles away, somewhere I've never even visited. JD Williams didn't want anything to do with it, and just said they'd passed everything onto this company, so had no record now of accounts (!). I phoned Lowell, asked what was going on and told them they'd the wrong person. They (sort of) apologised and that was the last I heard. Seems to me that they just chance their arm by looking up electoral registers, and fire off letters hoping to strike the right person. Don't see what they can do about getting money from you, that you don't even know about. Maybe CAB could advise if they go further. Good luck. Let us know what happens.
I called cab who were that busy I couldn't even get to chat with them on the phone but what they did say was Lowell was a real growing problem.
I have had a letter back off online Hm courts service who said they would pass what I have said on to Lowell so its a wait and see.
But in the mean time had another letter of Lowell for another debt. Huh
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